I’m in two bands.

Here are some links:

This is my band.  I write the songs, sing and play guitar and then my friends make them better.  (Much, much better.)  I have some very talented friends including Brian McTear, John Sheehan, Patrick Berkery, Ric Menck,  Patrick Marsceill, Otto Hauser, Paul Hammond and Paul Sinclair, Gary Ferenchek and more that I’ll add later.)  Debut album is available at the previously mentioned website, all your finest and most used e-tailers.

I get to play spacey-style keyboards in this band and sing ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhs’.  And some actual words.  This is something I really enjoy and am better at than I ever thought I could be.  Brian McTear, aka ‘the love of my life’, writes these amazing songs and I get to play with people I love like Ed Hogarty, Mike Kennedy, Ric Menck, Mike ‘Flem’ Fleming, John Sheehan, Patrick Berkery and a cast of other amazing talent that I’ll add later.

Miner Street Recordings

This is a very nice place to record music.  Sometimes I work here.  But if you are coming here, you really want to work with Brian McTear.  He has the best ears and kindest heart and wants you and your music to be better than you ever believed you could be.  (Seriously.)  I need to update that website though.  We now have glorious windows.

Weathervane Music Organization

Remember that part a moment ago where I told you about Brian McTear and his kind heart?  I realize that I might sound a bit biased since I have also aka’ed him as ‘the love of my life’ and all.  But this is his non-profit organization.  He started a non-profit organization to advance the careers of musicians.  All while he is a super-talented musician in need of career advancing.  Go ahead and try to tell me that he doesn’t have a kind heart.  This is a worthy, worthy cause (for real.  Do you know how hard it is to make a sandwich’s worth of money as a musician?) so please considering donating or signing up for the newsletter or even just watching a video or listening to a song.  Every once and a while I am part of the engineering team on these projects.  I’m quite camera shy (to put it very mildly) but sometimes my arm or leg makes it into a video.

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